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The denier 2013

merlot 80%   CABERNET FRANC  20%
ALCOHOL: 13% PH: 3.75 color index: 45au


kolk blush 2015

cabernet       sauvignon  100%
columbia valley, WA
wickersham Vineyard
Alcohol: 13.5%           pH: 3.25
Cases Produced: 55


la reine       2013

chardonnay 100% 
umpqua valley, or
rebecca’s Vineyard
Alcohol: 13 %   pH: 3.45
Cases Produced: 55



J Harlen Bretz was a shining exemplar of the scientific method, a Denier of the orthodoxy of uniformitarianism. It took 40 years for the “scientific consensus” to admit that they were wrong and that Bretz’s Lake Missoula floods were real. He reminds us that science is never “settled” and that debate, skepticism and empiricism are the very essence of science. The Denier is made from Merlot & Cabernet Franc, from Burgess Vineyards in Pasco, WA. The wine was aged for 18 months in new French oak hogsheads. It is soft, plummy and refined, and will develop in the bottle considerably. $25


In 2015 we sourced our Cabernet Sauvignon, from a vineyard new to us - Wickersham Vineyard, in the highlands just west of the city of Yakima. The grapes, harvested in late September, at 25 degrees brix, were superb -  2015 will be considered the best vintage of this decade. Lusciously ripe grapes are ideal for a Cabernet, but less so for a rose. We did our standard saignier of the crushed and destemmed Cabernet, subtracting 500 liters (25%) of juice to make Kolk. The high brix & pronounced organoleptic ripeness of these exceptional grapes, limited the alcoholic potential of the wine, and fermentation stopped with 4 grams of sugar per liter remaining. This isn’t just sugar, but some the grape's transitory sweetness - the very soul of these awesome grapes, preserved to enjoy today and into the future. Unlike most pink wines, Kolk is age-worthy, and will evolve in the bottle. Keep cool. $ 17

Kolk : A water vortex, or water tornado.


Chardonnay is the queen of grapes - and ours is made from a unique,cool-climate vineyard in the Coast Mountains of central Oregon. The harvest was very good, with just a small portion of bunches with botrytis - an essential component to making a great Chardonnay. We made the wine in a traditional, Burgundian fashion to maximize flavors. Upon crushing, we gave the grapes 24 hrs. of skin contact, then pressed and fermented the unfined must into stainless steel. In the spring, 
the wine went through malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels, sur lie, where it remained for 12 months until bottling. $ 17

2011 Vintage “La Robe” 


6 different wines made from two kinds of grapes

Rebecca's Vineyard, Umpqua Valley, Oregon

In 2011 we planned on making 6 different, inter-connected wines from Chardonnay and Gamay Noir grapes - including two sparkling wines  (to be released in 2014). This was to be our homage  to the delightful wines of Burgundy. We also wanted to test our enrobed wine concept again, but from a different, more feminine stylistic perspective than our beefy, masculine 2009 Mars

So we sourced our fruit from a unique, 35-year-old vineyard in the Coast Mountains fifty miles south of Eugene, Oregon - Rebecca’s Vineyard.  Having made five vintages of wine from western Oregon grapes in the 1990’s, I knew that the region had a cooler, more coastal climate than eastern Washington, and I was prepared for making higher-acid, lower-alcohol wines. I also knew that such grapes can be rewarding to work with, making flavorful, quenching, food-friendly wines, that will also age gracefully and develop much complexity in the cellar. Cool climate grapes are interesting because of their versatility - as demonstrated by our pantheon of wines.

The vintage is named for the purple "cloak" that red wine phenolics are called by the French, la robe.


ALCOHOL: 12%  PH: 3.20

This wine is a delicate, crisply acidic rosé. Gamay Noir is the red grape of Beaujolais, and as a rosé , the exuberant fruit that is present in the red wine, is taken down several notches, to make a subtle, rhubarb and strawberry laced wine that will age well, and develop complexity with time in the bottle. Kolk is a geological term for a tornadic vortex in powerfully flowing water that can bore holes in solid rock, as in the Lake Missoula Floods. Kolk rose will rip your tongue out and leave behind a crater of flavor.  $ 12  SOLD OUT

2011 La Reine

Chardonnay 100%
Umpqua Valley, OR
Rebecca’s Vineyard
Alcohol: 12%  p
H: 3.30
Cases Produced: 30

Our first white wine is a cool-climate style white wine. Made from 100% Chardonnay - the Queen of grapes. We made the wine in a traditional, low - tech Burgundian fashion to maximize flavors. Upon crushing we gave the grapes 24 hrs. of skin contact, then pressed & fermented the unfined must into stainless steel. In the springtime, the wine went through innoculated malolactic in lightly toasted new french oak hogsheads, sur lie, where it remained for 8 months, until bottling. Lemon shortbread, honeydew melon, citrus with just enough french oak are dominant flavors in this wine that should gain complexity in the bottle.  $ 25 SOLD OUT

2011 La Robe

Chardonnay 99.5%
Gamay Noir .5%
Umpqua Valley, OR
Rebecca’s Vineyard
Alcohol: 12% 
pH: 3.35
Color Index: 35 AU
Cases Produced: 45

 Our second enrobed wine is a fusion of two classic Burgundian winegrapes. This is a refreshing, light red wine, made with the juice of Chardonnay grapes fermented with the skins of Gamay Noir from the same exceptional vineyard. Floral aromas from the Gamay meld with the citrus of the Chardonnay to give raspberry, jackfruit and blood orange flavors. Plentiful acidity should preserve the wine’s freshness, and guarantee its longevity. $ 25


2011 Gamay Noir

Gamay Noir 100%
Umpqua Valley, OR
Rebecca’s Vineyard
Alcohol: 12% pH
3.40 Color Index: 45 AU Cases Produced: 55



ALC: 12.5%   PH: 3.20


la robe sparkling

chardonnay 99.5% 
gamay noir .5% 
umpqua valley, or
rebecca’s Vineyard
Alc: 12.5%   pH: 3.20
color index: 35 au
Cases Produced: 20

This is a quenching, mouth filling red wine made from the true, classic grape of Beaujolais: Gamay Noir de Jus Blanc. To compensate for the cool vintage, we bled off 25% of the juice (for rosé), started a vigorous and extended primary fermentation, (without carbonic maceration) pressed and included all press-wine in the mix. The wine went through malolactic fermentation and aged for 8 months in lightly toasted new french oak hogsheads. Bright cherry primary fruit and gentle tannins, with a hint of vanilla round out this wine. Like Beaujolais, this wine is enhanced by being served at a cool temperature. $ 25


La Reine (the queen) is a cremant, dry, sparkling wine made from 2011 Chardonnay and Gamay Noir from the same 
vineyard. It underwent malolactic in new French oak, was
refermented in the bottle, and riddled and disgorged by 
Masquerade Wine Co. 18 months later. Citrus, carmelized 
apple, and biscuit flavors, and a gentle mousse make 
this a deliciously quaffable wine. This is the only wine 
that we’ve used a bark cork for as a closure - so store on its 
side and it will age beautifully. $ 45


2011 La Robe Sparkling is a cremant, enrobed red wine
made by fermenting Chardonnay juice & Gamay Noir skins
together, undergoing malolactic in new French oak, 
refermenting in the bottle, and riddling and disgorging 
by Masquerade Wine Co. 18 months later. Cranberry, citrus 
flavors, a gentle mousse and touch of sweetness make 
this an elegant, festive wine. These are the only wines that 
we’ve used a bark cork for as a closure - so store on its side 
and it will age beautifully. $ 45

Reserve Wines


ALCOHOL: 14.5% PH: 3.54

Our 2008 vintage is massively structured, with mouth-filling tannins, a nose of white chocolate, cola and vanilla, with black cherry from Cabernet, and spicy herb and zazzy grape flavors from Rattlesnake Hills Malbec. It was aged for 36 months in heavily toasted new and once-used French Oak hogsheads. Thanks to generous acidity, this wine will continue to age well, but can be consumed now.  $ 25
Silver Award of Excellence - 2011 Seattle Wine Awards


reserve 2007 vintage

Cab. Sauvignon 70%
Cabernet Franc 15%
Malbec 15%
Yakima Valley, WA
Kestrel Vineyard
Alcohol: 15% pH: 3.67
Color Index: 52.6 AU
Cases Produced: 185

2007 was a wonderful vintage, our grapes received extended hang-time, and on October 20th we processed 10 tons of grapes in our largest crush yet. We pursued our usual strategy for maximizing phenolic extraction:  a cold soak, after a saignier of 15%, then a thorough treading on the skins,  pitching with D254 yeast, and a long fermentation, with much punching down of the chapeau in our concrete lagar fermenter. All press wine is included in the mix. The wine was aged for 48 months in New French oak hogsheads with heavy toast and toasted heads. The resulting wine has smoky aromatics, pomegranate and cassis fruit flavors, refined and silky tannins, and racy acidity. $ 15   SOLD OUT!



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Seattle Wine Awards 2011

Seattle Wine Awards 2011

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2013 The Denier Merlot /Cabernet Franc

2013 The Denier Merlot /Cabernet Franc